We develop your medical devices comprehensively through from the idea to market entry. Dependent on your require ments we process all areas from product definition and project management through to development and prototype production and documentation through to product ion start-up and market introduction.

Our services

  • Preparation of the user requirement specification
  • Comprehensive development of the product in accordance with the user requirement specification
  • Assurance of conformity with the standards
  • Production of the prototype including materials pro vision, assembly and implementation
  • Performance of the required tests on the prototype and its further development
  • Preparation of drawings, diagrammes, parts lists, instructions, test documents, handbooks, service
    concepts and product documents (CE/FDA)
  • Data entry in your ERP
  • Performance of internal and external training courses

Your advantages

We reduce your risk and develop your new device in phases. You do not pay us until we have completed the corresponding phase according to your specifications. Guaranteed in a relaxed way.