Various applications


Numerous applications in analytics, research, bio-
pharmaceutical production, sample preparation,
cell cultures, genetic analysis
















Universal Hopper



Automatic feeding of samples


The Universal Hopper is manually loaded with cylindrical sample bodies (specimens) and feeds them in turn
vertically to a subsequent device.
















Photoreactor for 96 well plates

The optimal photoreactor for your microplates

Nummerous applications in pharma and bio-technology, medical technology, environmental technology and research, e.g. protein research, cell cultures, cultivation of plants, mosses and microalgae (photosynthesis).


• the light intensity can be adjusted individually
  and continuous so that your samples receive
  optimum illumination.

• the LED's are controlled with a constantly
  regulated current, so that the illumination is as
  uniform as possible.













Multi Climate Cabinet


Five different climate zones within one cabinet. Easy to use, cost efficient, space optimized and reduced energy consumption


Competitive Advantages

80% space saving
Only one foot print for the Multi Climate Cabinet is required compared to five times a foot print for five conventional climate cabinets.

Up to 80% energy saving
Less energy loss due to small form cabinet and all chambers nearby each other.

Local sample storage

















Liquid Level Monitoring


Capacitive level measurement

• for LC plants and automated systems with solvent 

Display of liquid levels on mobile devices, e.g.
    Tablet PC

continuous level measurement of liquids for labor-
   atory systems 
(acetonitrile, chloroform, isopropanol,
   methanol, ethanol and water)

Display of the complete set of detected bottles
    on Tablet PC

• can be used immediately for conventional 1L and
   2.5L glass bottles












Vial Closer

Simple, even and low-force closing of Lab Vials

• can be vertically adjusted to different product heights

• the lever is equipped with a spring mechanism so that
   it returns to its initial position by itself

• the diameter of the punch is 8.25mm, which is optimally
   matched to the diameter of the vial cap. A free view of
   the working area is always guaranteed

• the robust Well Plate comprises 12 cavities, all of which
   are accessible in such a way that the Well Plate always
   rests completely on the base plate when closing
   the vials
















Vial pliers

Seal lab vials of the Treff Vial HP type reliably and without effort

• the pliers are the most compact tool available for closing
   Treff Vial HP

• the vial is securely held and guided in the lower half of
   the tool

• the clamping area is clearly visible during the entire
   sealing process, which enables safe and clean sample

• the tool halves are made of anodised aluminium and
   therefore very easy to clean















Vial Opener

For the opening of sample vials type
Treff Vial HP

• the surface of the aluminium parts is anodised
   and can be colour matched to customer requirements
   without cost implications

• the stainless steel blade is hardened to achieve
   the longest possible life