TONE Touch 03

First Standalone boilerless coffee & tea brewer

The TONE Touch 03, is our first revolutionary step to redifining the future of brewing .

Our tankless system has world class technology allowing users to control all parameters of the extraction such as:
time, temperature, water flow, pulse, and delay. This innovative device allows recipe programming and once set-up controls all three phases of the extraction process.

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Manument Leva machine

Nothing as it was. But everything as it
should be

The Manument Leva machine, hand-built
by a small team of engineers, industrial
designers and barista masters here in Thun,
is a piece of engineering art that combines
precision work and an understanding of

The intuitive handling of the machine gives
the discerning barista much more control
over the extraction process - and thus an
extraordinary taste experience.

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Dog Toy


Reward your dog with the ingenious
dog bone - your four-legged friend
will love it!


• you put the sausage in the bone

• with every turn of the hand
   (120 degrees) a 3mm slice of
   sausage is thrown out of the bone

• bet your quadruped brings back the
   bone every time you throw it?
























Non-invasive venous pressure measurement system

New method for indicators where the  
use of a catheter is too risky or too

• safer treatments with less complications

• lower treatment costs due to the cheaper
   non-invasive measurement instead of the
   expensive catheter measurement

• less malpractice and thus also a reduction
   in the overall treatment costs